Tri State Training Center
Development Program

The Tri State Training Center will be offering opportunities for wrestlers to travel and compete locally as well as internationally, in select wrestling tournaments and events. We are looking to bring together a group of athletes and families who are interested in competing in a team setting at the elite, intermediate, and novice levels.

The design of this program is two-fold. The first element of the program is a series of wrestling competitions in Freestyle and Greco-Roman with male, female, and open categories hosted by TSTC. These competitions will differentiate between elite, experienced, and novice level wrestlers to ensure that every athlete has an appropriate developmental experience. The competition structure will be one 5-minute period of wrestling, officiated by knowledgeable and trained officials.

At the elite and experienced levels, the matches will look similar to any international style competition, however, at the novice level, matches will feature stoppages for coach- and official-guided instruction, correction, and education. A seminar will be held before each tournament explaining the basic rules, techniques, and scoring in Greco-Roman and Freestyle, with opportunity for Q&A from athletes.

These TSTC-hosted competitions will be a great way to learn to compete in international wrestling styles without having to suffer unproductive losses to opponents with a wealth of experience in them. Essentially, wrestlers will be able to learn and wrestle at the same time.

The second element of this TSTC Development Program is to unite a group of athletes and families to travel to and compete in various wrestling tournaments and events. The goal is to bring together a group of athletes and families from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for a unique team travel experience. Wrestlers will be given the opportunity to travel internationally as well as domestically for training, competition, and wrestling experience. Periodic training opportunities—including camps and training sessions with guest clinicians— will be made available and posted for this group at the TSTC and various locations throughout the tri-state area.

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Looking forward to seeing you on the mats!


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1. You must print out waiver form and bring with you to event.